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Anne Danysh is a grant writer and small business owner based in the Coastal Bend of South Texas. She specializes in writing and managing grants that fund construction of a variety of buildings for schools, local governments, and communities.

Together with her team of researchers, writers, and administrative assistants, she has secured over $30 million in funding for a variety of organizations across the Unites States.

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Thank you for your interest in discovering how we can help your organization win grants to expand your service to your community. It is what we do.


The first step is to discover if your project concept and organization are eligible to apply for construction grants. We can start the research process with the information you provide in the contact form. Once we’ve done this eligibility research, we will schedule a call with you to review the results including potential grant estimates, structure size, timeline, commitments, grant readiness, and our fee to lead you through the entire process.


Once the research is complete and you have had a chance to understand what is available for you, we will work together to define the route your grant application process needs to take for optimal success. This stage includes beginning the pre-application process to prepare the documents, grant funding strategy, pre-requisites, and Notices of Interest or Letters of Inquiry necessary to begin the application process.


Once the pre-application process is complete, we will develop your grant application, including detailed budges of eligible costs, scope of work, project schedule, in depth analysis of benefit and cost, fully developed problem statements, environmental and historical preservation review, and more. We will also provide guidance on timing of your project, corresponding with budget or bonding issues, fostering local official and community support, and securing every dollar possible.


After the application process is complete, we will complete a thorough technical review of our work and anything you have provided for us, assess it for completeness and adherence to applicable guidelines, and determine if further revision is needed.


Once the application is complete and the grant cycle has opened, we will submit your application for review from the grantor. In the event that your grant application isn’t funded upon first review of the grantor (this can happen to even bullet-proof applications on first try), we will examine the basis for rejection, discuss with you, and move back into the revision process. We will make sure you are ready to re-submit the first day of the next grant cycle.


Upon notification of award, we will set your project on a clear path to close-out with no loss of funds. This includes OMB circulars, agency specific guidance documents, and other regulations that a grant award must adhere to in order to retain funding. We will navigate the applicable rules of the grant, provide financial management, and offer grant administration throughout the project timeline so that you are free to get back to your community while the work gets done.


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